The Silent Tsunami

An excerpt from Becky Tschamler’s blog post, The Silent Tsunami.

Approximately 95 percent of Compassion-assisted children are feeling the effects of the [global food] crisis. Many are living on one meal a day — receiving it at their child development centers — and struggling with feelings of guilt and sadness because their family members don’t receive the same benefit.


The Durias Collection is trying to help by doing little things and hopes to do more.

  • We’re fasting from rice. The economic ramifications of this are almost invisible, I know. But this is also a small way for us to suffer with the people who are most effected. The internal ramifications of this, we believe, contribute to our spiritual development. Most fasts do.
  • We’re also moving away from a van and a car to a van and a bicycle (by mid-summer?).  UPDATED:  We sold the car on May 19th.  It was crazy how God choreographed it all!
  • We’re also praying. God knows all about famine and he’s provided directly from his hand and indirectly through government.
  • And we’re open to other suggestions.
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