“Think back to…

…your first cycling experience, the moment you wobbled beyond the clutches of an anxious parent, without recourse to training wheels. Chances are, it rates as a highlight of childhood–your first real taste of freedom and even pride in ownership. It was your bike–and you were free to go wherever your spinning feet could take you, or so it seemed. And it was indeed a true love affair, likely to lure you back time and time again, even when you thought you had moved on.”

–David V. Herlihy (Author, Bicycle: The History).

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15 responses to ““Think back to…

  1. Ian: Yeah buddy!


  2. And I quote, “AMAAAAZING!”

    Awesome, Aidan! We’re proud of you!

    BJ and Cheryl

  3. Amazing!
    btw, bicycles are great.

  4. congrats aidan!
    thats nice of your parents to bring you to a safe, open area to practice, i learned in a crowded parking lot with dangerous speed bumps and parked cars that prevented me from building up any speed.
    next time we visit, we should race! :)

  5. Yay! When you wake up at my house tomorrow morning I will kiss you and hug you and tell you how proud I am…and how glad I am to know you and that you are my son’s friend.

  6. Nice job Aidan! Will you teach Jack one day?

  7. my favorite part of that was

  8. I don’t even say, “Yeah buddy!”

  9. When it’s Joshua’s turn to learn, don’t let Aidan be in charge of teaching him. My older brother taught me and let’s just say, I ended up in a thorny rose bush…it wasn’t pretty.

  10. So exciting!
    I appreciate the quote on the blog entry.
    I recently rode my bike through our neighborhood on a quick errand. With pregnancy & now little Ali, it had been over a year!!! Sure enough I hadn’t forgotten how to ride, but I had forgotten how FUN riding a bike is!

  11. This is how Lance Armstrong started!

  12. My favorite part was when he had gotten the hang of it, he said “now I might NEVER want to stop!”

    Momma’s proud of you son. I knew you could do it!

  13. Aidan:
    You are supercalifragilesticxpeealidosih!! Bring your bike to Gresham and we’ll go on the springwater trail.

  14. Uncle Phil and Auntie Gaya

    Nice work, Aidan! You are the man. Love you!

  15. “Yeah buddy!” is right up there with this infamous post.

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