And now, back to our story?

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How To Speak Emmeline (2)

English: Book.
Emmeline: \ˈbük\

How To Speak Emmeline (2)

English: More Honey Nut Cheerios.
Emmeline: Money.

Yeah. I dunno.


Dora: Will you help us find Benny?
Emmeline (2): No.

A La George Costanza

Emmline (2) likes to take her shirt off when she goes to the potty.

Aidan’s Top Three

Here are Aidan’s top StrengthsExplorer themes.  If you know him, what do you think?

CARING » In your heart, helping other people is very important. You want to
make the world better by helping people in small ways or big ways.

ACHIEVING » You have more energy and more goals than other people. You love a sense of accomplishment.

RELATING » You like to start friendships and keep them for a long time —
maybe even your whole life. You widen the circle of friends for
yourself and others.

How To Speak Emmeline (2)

English:  Come on, Joshua!
Emmeline:  Mon, Cha!


Joshua (5) thinks that the produce manager at a nearby grocery store looks like Alec Baldwin.


Joshua (5):  Do you know what I like about beer?
Ian:  …
Joshua:  Bottle caps.